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Stay Informed on Leather Furniture in Seattle, WA

No hide of leather is the same as the next, and we at Hayek's Leather Furniture Inc want our customers to take home furniture as unique as themselves. Be sure to stop by one of our two showrooms in Lynnwood and Southcenter, WA to see for yourself.

Leather Characteristics

Every area of leather absorbs dye differently depending on the cell structure. Some spots may be lighter or darker, resulting in a beautiful hide each time. A hide may be pure aniline or semi-aniline. Pure aniline leather has been dyed all the through with aniline dyes and maintains varying intensities of color throughout. Semi-aniline leather is protected with a finish coating that creates a more uniform color.
Leather Grains
Hayek's Leather Furniture offers full grain and top grain leather for custom furniture. Full grain is a hide that has not been corrected of scars and blemishes, and is one of the most highly valued types of leather. Top grain is a hide that has had blemishes buffed or sanded away, then embossed with a grain pattern.
Signs of Genuine Leather
Uncorrected leather will bare marks that make it unique and beautiful. You may see brand marks, scars, veins, bites, wrinkles and belly marks, all of which tell a different story. These marks are signs that the leather is authentic, genuine, and most of all, valuable.
Relaxing and Stretching
Over time as you use and enjoy your leather furniture, the leather will naturally relax and stretch, which results in more comfortable sitting. Like most things, leather furniture becomes better with age!

Leather Care

We want you to enjoy your leather furniture for as long as possible. With gentle, frequent cleaning, we can keep the leather looking beautiful for years to come.
For all types of leather, we recommend vacuuming or wiping off dust every week, especially in between the cushions.
Semi-Aniline Leather
For light cleaning, use a solution of about 3 drops of mild soap in every liter of water. You can use a higher concentration for areas with excess dirt. Wipe off any leftover soap with a damp cloth. Avoid saturating the leather to prevent water stains. If necessary, test your solution on a hidden part of your furniture to avoid damaging the entire leather.
Note: Using conditioning treatments will void the manufacturer's warranty. Frequent cleaning is best way to prevent deterioration.
Aniline Leather
To clean, wipe leather with a damp cloth and immediately wipe dry. Do not use soap as this will damage the leather. Avoid saturating the leather to prevent water stains.
Note: Using conditioning treatments will void the manufacturer's warranty. Frequent cleaning is best way to prevent deterioration.
Final Tips
  • When cleaning, pay special attention to areas that have more skin contact.
  • Be careful with hair products. They may chemically damage the leather's finish.
  • Dark clothing, such as jeans, may transfer dye to the leather, especially if it's lighter-colored.
  • Bright lighting and sun exposure will cause fading.
  • Sharp objects can just as easily cut leather as they do cloth. Use caution.